Wednesday, April 4, 2012

YouTube a Pioneer of vlogging

In years blogs have become highly popular amongst people. People get a lot of their information via recommendations of bloggers.

I think YouTube is a pioneer for target marketing because it is capitalizing on the utilization of vlogging (video-blogging.). The use of vlogging teaches users about different subjects, products through how-to videos. In essence, these companies are putting content on YouTube and are spending money for subscribers.

            This sponsorship for channels reinforces the capital that companies and governments are willing to pay in order to tap into target demographics. Hence, target marketing is being enhanced because companies are going directly to the source of consumption. Providing content on channels that viewers can subscribe to are creating niche markets that filter product information that will be consumed.  

            I think it is interesting to see that people are being socially directed to a product based on recommendations via these videos. It is through these mediums that there is a level of direct communication between company, product and consumer.  Thus, one can see the alteration of the relationship because YouTube is a medium making closer connections between product and consumer.

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