Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Question of Mass Amateurization

I am Instagram user and I like Instagram for the fact that I can take a quick picture, select a filter and apply it quickly to a photo I just took. This action in itself does not make me a photographer. This application puts into question the idea of mass amateurization. This concept to means that many people are being exposed and partaking in ‘specialized’ jobs.

Recently, there has been a discussion of how instagram is replacing photography. This is not the case. Just because there is an application that can perform a function, does not mean one is an expert in the field nor can it replace an expert in the field. There is the idea of mass amatuerization, this allows people to partake in the artistic creation of art or in writing about journalistic issues but it does not make them an artist nor does it make one a journalist. It doesn’t mean that people cannot participate in an app or write about things, it just means they are not specialized in that field of study.

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