Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pinterest as a selling tool

I think this is an interesting article about Pinterest. This social networking site is very cool in the sense that it is image based. People can collectively gather and display their likes and interests on pin boards. I like it because it is like a digital dream board.
            Up until this point I never fully thought, how this SNS is a contributor to product sales. Pinterest is a great product-marketing tool. I think this article sheds light on the situation because it really captures how marketers, businesses and governments (i.e. Obama’s pinterest boards) are using images to drive sales.

It is interesting how many stores are utilizing this SNS by bringing the image and product to the consumer, such as Kate Spade. By people re-pinning the image gets around and people share clothes ideas and thus help facilitate a new desire for purchase of products. Plus it gives awareness for new products, designers. This shows a change in how people are consuming. It demonstrates that people are purchasing based on recommendations via guidance from another person in that social circle. Hence, peopl  are consuming via other people comments and suggestions.

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