Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Blog Cluster

Blogging is an activity that is facilitated through social networking sites. Where you write your thoughts and views about anything and everything. For a shy person like me this is a very scary process. Maybe this is a common fear, but I am terrified in making sure what I say and how I say it is ‘good’ enough. This is the reason why I didn’t post my blogs until now.

In coming to terms with blogging, social networking sites has altered the way in which people express themselves. What people post, share and say is indicative of who they are or at least what they are thinking.  So instead of doing conventional blogging I am going to cluster my blogs and post them now. This fear has fenced me in but it has also made me realize that I need to confront my fears of voicing my opinions and just to go ahead and write.
In retrospect, this process made me think about the idea from class about an online reputation and how to represent myself. Blogging puts into reality, me to feeling vulnerable, and open for judgment on my thoughts and views since people can comment on what I am saying. I hope one reads my posts one doesn’t judge harshly. I hope you like what I have to say about SNS.

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