Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SNS Lingo

I was having a recent conversation the other day and my friend stated that she was just ‘R-Bombed.’ For any Blackberry Messenger (BBM) users, the ‘D’ means delivered and the ‘R’ means read. Yet people are changing the connotation of the letter ‘R’ changing it from received to reject. R bombed means that someone has read your message and did not respond to it. Essentially the ‘R’ has become a noted symbol for rejected, for blackberry users. 

            This example makes me think of the common lingo and SNS language that people are using today. People are ‘tweeting’, ‘posting’, and ‘liking.’ This demonstrates an enhanced online semantic language and communication.   

In today’s youth generation, this jargon is common to them. I think that is interesting how it illustrates a generational gap between youth users and adult users. I think it is important for older generations to understand and learn this language in order because it important to become media literate and it is important to know what children are talking about.

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