Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Digital World in the Age of Activism

            This is such an interesting article because it is describing Nicolas Kristof  (a highly recognized journalist from the New York Times) and his use of SNS and the role SNS has in journalism. 

            He claims that social media is a positive contributor for journalism in the sense that it gives “ideas about questions to ask.” I agree with this view in the sense that social media facilitates information, which cannot always be trusted but it does give information to think about what is actually happening. I think this article highlights the limit that social media plays in journalism.

            SNS are good in giving information quickly, but it is not going to help change and spur people’s actions. I do not believe that peace journalism will stop world issues. It can give awareness to them but it will not stop them. This can be seen in the example of KONY 2012. People’s reaction to it was like a bandwagon. People who did not know the full story acted like experts in that field. The only people that I saw question the video campaign were people who knew about the issue. I think this bandwagon idea illustrates that people are willing to list an issue but not give background information to support their ideas.

            I think that SNS is good but it just like anything; you cannot use only one source for evidentiary support. SNS is the first step of awareness of world issues, these sites are a medium for awareness but it is not an end medium to yield current problems.

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