Saturday, March 24, 2012

Most Social Media Buzz in Television History

It seems that Pretty Little Liars' season 2 finale this past Monday has made history!   The final episode received the most social media buzz of any regularly scheduled season in television history. 
With numbers reaching : 

-645,000 tweets during the first showing alone
-reaching the mark of 32 000 tweets per minute 
-1.6 million tweets sent by 667,000 users in the marathon during the day
-50 topics trending 
-5 of the 50 topics reaching worldwide trends

 I feel like this was one of the most anticipated finales of television because the writers have been dragging out the revealing of the character 'A'.  It is interesting to think about how much of this social media was positive and how much was negative.  Just like any finale or big reveal in television shows, there normally is some disappointment.  So this raises the question of how much of this social media was buzz was positive for the show?

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