Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facebook and Twitter

Following with my last two posts and others previously, once again I'm going to be talking about, wait for it... TWITTER! Wow shocker right! But this time with Facebook as well.  I was thinking about the different aspects of each site and thought of how Twitter might benefit from an aspect of Facebook. Also, I thought of what Twitter has that gives it an advantage over the Facebook in my opinion.

 All this talk of Facebook's timeline lately for some reason has me thinking about how I wish Twitter had something similar, in the sense of going back to different days, months or years.  It would act like a diary.  It would be fun to look back at what I tweeted previously in order to remember what was going on in my life at the time.  As well, I'd probably enjoy this more than Facebook's timeline. Then while writing this I found a website that does something along these lines, check it out here.  

Now let's talk about the hashtag.  Although it might seem meaningless and some users create hashtags no one else would ever use, it does serve an important purpose. Hashtags as well as just words that are recognized in tweets are combined into groups and the most popular are put into the 'Trending Topics'.  These trending topics can display ones relevant to; cities, countries or even worldwide. They are a quick and easy way to become informed of events or popular topics in the area you wish to learn about.  In my opinion, this is where Twitter has one up on Facebook.  On Facebook you can only view the profiles of people you are friends with, pages you like, events you are attending or profiles you have access to. There is a clear division.  Although Twitter as well has privacy settings, the 'Trending Topics' are a bridge between the public and private spheres.  News can spread far more quickly on Twitter in my opinion.  

I am aware that Facebook and Twitter are two different social networking sites each with a different goal in mind however, I can't help but think certain qualities of each would benefit in the other.       


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