Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My mom's work has recently just given her a new phone with access to all the main social networking sites, in order to take advantage of them for her work.  We've been having multiple discussions about them lately.  One of them being etiquette.  This came about when I received a text from my mom which I misinterpreted.  Are there specific rules that need to be followed when dealing with social networking sites?  I started researching this and there are tons of rules and they change per site as well as your reason for it; personal, business, student, etc.  Different sites list different rules but I thought I would come up with 5 of my own with regards to Twitter:

1. Do NOT go on a rant
 - You only have 140 characters to work with. Keep it short and simple and don't  have tons of joined tweets. It is hard to read and if you have that much to say make a blog.

2. Don't have long conversations
-A few tweets back and forth with a friend is fine but if it is simple one word answers or over 5 tweets.  It's time to take your phone out. Call, text, whatever, just take it somewhere else.

3. Don't Tweet your every action/ thought
-Yes your followers probably want to know about your life but not every single detail. There is such thing as too much information. 

4. Don't go hashtag crazy
-I myself love a good hashtag.  Use them often but use them wisely. However, try to make them short.  It becomes very difficult to read a sentence long hashtag. 

5. Don't over tweet or over retweet
- No one wants their home page overwhelmed by one person.

Of course rules need to be broken from time to time. Just don't make a habit of it!
 #etiquette #ilovehashtags


  1. I also think another one would be don't over hashtag, as in using too many hashtags for one tweet. An example would be: lost my keys #firstworldproblems #FML #lost #needanewcar #worstfeelingever. Tweets like this lack any content and are instead focused on getting to the widest audience/ share. I guess it's also done for a certain effect like while occupy Toronto was happening I would jokingly say things like "I'm going to hashtag occupy the bathroom", so there could be that aspect. I feel like I'm not making sense. Gist of it is low content tweets with a ton of hashtags seems kind of useless.

  2. I agree too many hashtags can be annoying and seem useless. Then again if I know the person tweeting the multiple hashtags I find them sometimes amusing because I know them personally and can maybe take something away from the hashtags others might not.