Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cyberbulling and Celebrities

This week on the course Facebook group someone posted this story about Rihanna calling out someone who cyberbullied her on Facebook and then returned the favour along with quite a few of her fans.
It made me think of how a few days earlier I had seen something similar with Miley Cyrus.  Miley had received a death threat on Twitter and then took to her own Twitter saying she would not tolerate this. Miley went on to say that Twitter should take responsibility for this and aim to make Twitter a safe environment.

This led me to wonder to what degree do Social Networking Sites have to take responsibility for what is said or done on the sites?  Here you can view what Twitter has to say on 'Safety: Abusive Users'. When should sites get involved? Should sites change their security policies in order to protect their users from harassment?  

Below is Miley's tweet on the issue:

Here is something I posted to the Facebook group previously.  I think it is pretty relevant to the topic of this post: 

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