Saturday, March 31, 2012

Draw Something

Everyone is talking about their new addiction to the app "Draw Something".  I thought I would give it a try and download it but unlucky for me for some reason it was not working.  However, I'm starting to believe this was lucky because all my friends are spending tons of time on it.  With exams coming up I do not need the extra distraction, I already spend too many hours on social media sites.

I still wanted to look into what all the hype was about.  "Draw Something" is new app from the online multi-player site OMGPOP. It is basically an online Pictionary and you can either invite friends to play or play with strangers.  You choose between 3 words or phrases to draw that range in difficulty.  Once your done you send it to your friends for them to try and interpret.  Winning depends on if you can figure out your opponents drawing and unscramble the words at the bottom. Since it began there have been over 100 million drawings created.

Games like these I think are so clever because they are a quick and easy way to connect with friends and their popularity can explode so quickly.  It is amazing what word of mouth can do.

Have you tested your drawing skills at the hottest game right now?

For more info click here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facebook Then and Now

 It seems as though everyone is always talking about how the Facebook layout is changing. Whether it be the more extreme change to Timeline or a different way to view pictures.  The layout is always a topic of discussion.  So I thought it would be interesting to look back at where it all began.

Here is the first Facebook login page when it was only accessible to Harvard University:

I think we should all note the "thefacebook".

Here is an older Facebook layout :

and a newer one:

Finally the Timeline we love to hate:

With every change to Facebook there is always some backlash but I feel that with the Timeline there has been the most negative response.  I wonder how long it will take for everyone to finally adapt and like it.

Most Social Media Buzz in Television History

It seems that Pretty Little Liars' season 2 finale this past Monday has made history!   The final episode received the most social media buzz of any regularly scheduled season in television history. 
With numbers reaching : 

-645,000 tweets during the first showing alone
-reaching the mark of 32 000 tweets per minute 
-1.6 million tweets sent by 667,000 users in the marathon during the day
-50 topics trending 
-5 of the 50 topics reaching worldwide trends

 I feel like this was one of the most anticipated finales of television because the writers have been dragging out the revealing of the character 'A'.  It is interesting to think about how much of this social media was positive and how much was negative.  Just like any finale or big reveal in television shows, there normally is some disappointment.  So this raises the question of how much of this social media was buzz was positive for the show?

Read more here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facebook and Twitter

Following with my last two posts and others previously, once again I'm going to be talking about, wait for it... TWITTER! Wow shocker right! But this time with Facebook as well.  I was thinking about the different aspects of each site and thought of how Twitter might benefit from an aspect of Facebook. Also, I thought of what Twitter has that gives it an advantage over the Facebook in my opinion.

 All this talk of Facebook's timeline lately for some reason has me thinking about how I wish Twitter had something similar, in the sense of going back to different days, months or years.  It would act like a diary.  It would be fun to look back at what I tweeted previously in order to remember what was going on in my life at the time.  As well, I'd probably enjoy this more than Facebook's timeline. Then while writing this I found a website that does something along these lines, check it out here.  

Now let's talk about the hashtag.  Although it might seem meaningless and some users create hashtags no one else would ever use, it does serve an important purpose. Hashtags as well as just words that are recognized in tweets are combined into groups and the most popular are put into the 'Trending Topics'.  These trending topics can display ones relevant to; cities, countries or even worldwide. They are a quick and easy way to become informed of events or popular topics in the area you wish to learn about.  In my opinion, this is where Twitter has one up on Facebook.  On Facebook you can only view the profiles of people you are friends with, pages you like, events you are attending or profiles you have access to. There is a clear division.  Although Twitter as well has privacy settings, the 'Trending Topics' are a bridge between the public and private spheres.  News can spread far more quickly on Twitter in my opinion.  

I am aware that Facebook and Twitter are two different social networking sites each with a different goal in mind however, I can't help but think certain qualities of each would benefit in the other.       



My mom's work has recently just given her a new phone with access to all the main social networking sites, in order to take advantage of them for her work.  We've been having multiple discussions about them lately.  One of them being etiquette.  This came about when I received a text from my mom which I misinterpreted.  Are there specific rules that need to be followed when dealing with social networking sites?  I started researching this and there are tons of rules and they change per site as well as your reason for it; personal, business, student, etc.  Different sites list different rules but I thought I would come up with 5 of my own with regards to Twitter:

1. Do NOT go on a rant
 - You only have 140 characters to work with. Keep it short and simple and don't  have tons of joined tweets. It is hard to read and if you have that much to say make a blog.

2. Don't have long conversations
-A few tweets back and forth with a friend is fine but if it is simple one word answers or over 5 tweets.  It's time to take your phone out. Call, text, whatever, just take it somewhere else.

3. Don't Tweet your every action/ thought
-Yes your followers probably want to know about your life but not every single detail. There is such thing as too much information. 

4. Don't go hashtag crazy
-I myself love a good hashtag.  Use them often but use them wisely. However, try to make them short.  It becomes very difficult to read a sentence long hashtag. 

5. Don't over tweet or over retweet
- No one wants their home page overwhelmed by one person.

Of course rules need to be broken from time to time. Just don't make a habit of it!
 #etiquette #ilovehashtags

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cyberbulling and Celebrities

This week on the course Facebook group someone posted this story about Rihanna calling out someone who cyberbullied her on Facebook and then returned the favour along with quite a few of her fans.
It made me think of how a few days earlier I had seen something similar with Miley Cyrus.  Miley had received a death threat on Twitter and then took to her own Twitter saying she would not tolerate this. Miley went on to say that Twitter should take responsibility for this and aim to make Twitter a safe environment.

This led me to wonder to what degree do Social Networking Sites have to take responsibility for what is said or done on the sites?  Here you can view what Twitter has to say on 'Safety: Abusive Users'. When should sites get involved? Should sites change their security policies in order to protect their users from harassment?  

Below is Miley's tweet on the issue:

Here is something I posted to the Facebook group previously.  I think it is pretty relevant to the topic of this post: