Saturday, February 11, 2012

Television Takes Advantage of SNS

I keep seeing more and more television talk shows using social media sites to connect to their viewers while involving them in the show at the same time.  Jimmy Kimmel tells his viewer to participate in certain challenges such as "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" and to post the videos on Youtube.  While shows such a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and local shows such as MTV Live allow their viewers to ask questions, tell stories and more over Twitter.   I think this is extremely clever because it allows the viewers to participate in the show while at the same time expands the show's audience by others being able to participate in the twitter topics or being able to access the videos on Youtube. It connects the fans to the show while also connecting them to others who might not have been fans.  Below is a link to Jimmy Kimmel's video for "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" which went viral.  I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel but I saw this video everywhere so I watched it and loved it then showed my family and friends and became a part of the growing web of people who are connected.

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