Saturday, February 4, 2012

Social Media Addiction -- A real thing!

I recently read this article on Digital Journal that explores the findings of a study that showed that Facebook and other social media outlets may be more addicting than smoking and drinking. Researchers found that individuals were more compulsive when it came to checking their Facebook or Twitter. They said that this may be a result of social media being so easy to access. Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive, checking your Facebook page all the time is free.

But while its free... its not totally harmless. We're all victims of turning our "15 minute Facebook break" into an hour. They're HUGE time wasters and for students, it becomes a big problem when trying to get through your 21178232 pages of reading. So while alcohol and cigarettes take up our money, social media takes up our time. Extra sucky for the smoker/drinker/social media addicts out there.

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