Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Delete Search History NOW

If you haven't been paying attention and keep clicking ignore on Google's New Privacy Policy, now is the time to start listening! It is your last chance to delete your Google account's search history before Google collects them to use in one online identity.
All the policies merge into one TOMORROW, March 1st, 2012

This online identity will be used to help with each individual's search results and targeted ads.  Now if you find this a bit creepy or just another part of your life that you want to keep private ( your definition of private, not Googles') than go to this link , scroll down and follow the steps. Or take your chances.  Right now, that's all the history will be used for but down the line, who knows. 

Now you only have until midnight tonight! So what are you still doing here. Get going!   


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beware of the Fail Whale

Just posted this video on the Facebook Group, decided to post it here too! It is a video made by Oregon State on Social Media, titled, ' Social Life's A Beach'.  Presents different social networking sites on a beach and has them say something that has to deal with their particular site.  Quite clever! And very fitting for us all right now as we finish our final vacation days of Reading Week.



Heard of Webkinz? They are the new and approved stuff animal for the younger generation.  Each comes with a unique code that allows you to gain access to an online world where you make an account and can take care of your pet and talk to others.  However the chat options are limited because you can only select a response from a list provided.  I think this is quite clever because since this is a primarily younger audience it is good to have safety and privacy precautions.  This is just another case of how the world is becoming digital. Today the child's favourite toy is a Webkinz, tomorrow a cellphone.  All technology based and connecting people together.

'The Larmy' Twitter Account

This post has a similar topic to a post I wrote earlier on in the month which you can find here.  It deals with television shows using social media sites to their advantage.  In my previous post I talked about how talk shows use sites, for example Twitter and YouTube, to connect to their audiences and get their viewers involved.  Another television show which uses Twitter to their advantage is Cougar Town.  If any of you have heard of the show you know they have been battling low ratings since their first season which most believe has to do with the shows name.  Last year after their second season they created a Twitter account in the name of one of their characters, Laurie Keller, who is known for saying funny things.  The account is basically this character posting to 'The Larmy' which is her characters following.  She posts funny phrases that her character would say and responds to her followers.  This is a very clever use of Twitter I believe because it gives publicity to their show.  It keeps the audience they already have entertained in the shows off season, while promoting their show by only having to be funny in 140 characters.  That's way easier than a half hour program!  Lately, the account has been advertising because the show's new season just started but if you want to check out some of the earlier tweets they can be found here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knife Party has some Internet Friends

I'm an electronic dance music fanatic, I literally live for it, and the other day while listening to my iPod on shuffle, this song came on that I had forgotten about. Its called "Internet Friends" but the lyrics are sung by a creepy sounding computer lady who sounds more like an obsessive/stalker girlfriend than a "friend." Its includes iPhone beeps and rings (even made me grab and check my phone) and the lyrics, "you blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die." I first heard this song at a club, and I remember hearing 'Facebook' and kind of doing a "whaaa? Facebook in a song?!" Just goes to show how social media is really all around us. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Its Arrived!

Social Media Week has arrived in Toronto. Social Media week is a global event which demonstrates the impact of social media and its 'role in driving cultural, economic, political and social change in developed and emerging markets'.  Throughout the week there are activities and conversations around the world.  Social Media Week takes place in 21 cities, including our very own Toronto!  Thousands attend the organized events while half a million connect online.  It goes from February 13th -17th.  

Today's theme is 'A Social Society'.  Get involved and participate in events today such as: #TweetgasmTO: Lovefools EditionSocially Green and Your Digital Footprint and Society's Shift Online. Check out the full schedule for today and for the rest of the week here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Careful What You Post!

 “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury, Sprouter community manager 

Have truer words ever been spoken?
This is something that has always worried me about social networking sites.  Not only that posting something on the internet  allows basically everyone to view it, but how much am I posting, even if only to my private friends, could possibly become public knowledge.  I mean does anyone actually read every word in the privacy policies when they join a new site? I know I don't but we all probably should.  How much of our information are the websites allowed to use.  Can they give out our information to companies or future employers?  I always remember everyone saying that Facebook has all our pictures on file even if we take them down in the future.  Not sure if this was true, but think of how scary that is.  Even if someone was just holding a beer in a picture will a possible future boss see that and not hire you? Then there is the matter of twitter. Most people these days will only tweet something they think will get a laugh or response out of people.  What's funny to one person might be offensive to the next and it might come back to haunt you.  Privacy is such a big issue when it comes to these sites.  So be careful what you post or be ready for consequences, whatever they might be.    

Television Takes Advantage of SNS

I keep seeing more and more television talk shows using social media sites to connect to their viewers while involving them in the show at the same time.  Jimmy Kimmel tells his viewer to participate in certain challenges such as "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" and to post the videos on Youtube.  While shows such a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and local shows such as MTV Live allow their viewers to ask questions, tell stories and more over Twitter.   I think this is extremely clever because it allows the viewers to participate in the show while at the same time expands the show's audience by others being able to participate in the twitter topics or being able to access the videos on Youtube. It connects the fans to the show while also connecting them to others who might not have been fans.  Below is a link to Jimmy Kimmel's video for "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" which went viral.  I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel but I saw this video everywhere so I watched it and loved it then showed my family and friends and became a part of the growing web of people who are connected.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How To Recover From Your Social Media Addiction

Haha just found this... here's a short video giving some tips on how to get over your social media addiction!

Social Media Addiction -- A real thing!

I recently read this article on Digital Journal that explores the findings of a study that showed that Facebook and other social media outlets may be more addicting than smoking and drinking. Researchers found that individuals were more compulsive when it came to checking their Facebook or Twitter. They said that this may be a result of social media being so easy to access. Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive, checking your Facebook page all the time is free.

But while its free... its not totally harmless. We're all victims of turning our "15 minute Facebook break" into an hour. They're HUGE time wasters and for students, it becomes a big problem when trying to get through your 21178232 pages of reading. So while alcohol and cigarettes take up our money, social media takes up our time. Extra sucky for the smoker/drinker/social media addicts out there.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Relationship Status: Dating Siri

This takes 'married to your phone' to a whole new level.  Here is a video with clips from an episode of The Big Bang Theory where one of the characters, Raj, has a new Iphone 4 Siri.  The clips show how he is basically in a relationship with his phone.  It also demonstrates how heavily people in this day and age rely on their phones and technology in general. The new Iphone 4 Siri connects us even quicker to the world around us.  Technology is developing so quickly.  Next thing you know, we will have robots as butlers and then them overpowering us. Picture any futuristic sci-fi movie, I Robot anyone? Not actually, but you get the idea.  Although I have to say this new Iphone 4 Siri would make life a lot easier.



Viral Video

Yesterday a video went viral about sloths... well also about Kristen Bell.  A clip from Kristen on the Ellen Show was aired all over the web.  The clip showed Kristen reacting to a birthday present that not everyone would appreciate but she sure did. A sloth.  Kristen is shown hysterically crying on her bed but no less happy crying.  This made some good television and thank god for youtube because we can relive the moment over and over again. Rewind, play, rewind, play.  This is what myself and 3,398,036 other people around the world were doing yesterday.  The video showed up on my Twitter feed, my Facebook new feed, Youtube, on blogs I follow and more. In less than an hour it was all over most social networks accessible to anyone and everyone. The internet connected all these people through multiple social network sites in such a short period of time.  Proving that once again, the internet is a very powerful tool and useful to bring everyone together. Even if just providing a mere 3 minutes and 43 seconds of entertainment.  Now join the party and check out the video below.