Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here Have the Password to My Life... I Don' t Think So

It seems like everyone is always talking about Facebook and lately it has been over the controversy of employers requesting the password to their employees or future employees' profiles.  I thought it was important to discuss this topic because many have mentioned it on the course Facebook group.

In my opinion, there is something so wrong with asking for someones Facebook password, almost like if a stranger asked for the keys to your house while you were away.  It is a window into your life, one that only the individual should decide who can see into.  Facebook's chief privacy officer of policy Erin Egan posted an opinion on the matter saying, "If you are a Facebook user, you should never have to share your password".  Asking for someones password has to be violating some sort of law.       

Also, has no one ever heard of professionalism?  People do have lives outside of their work environment.  I understand that employers want their employees to reflect upon the business well but, does this mean people should stop living their lives?  Some of the craziest people I know are some of the hardest working and most dedicated to their work.  I mean everyone has to blow off some steam once in a while.   

I don't even give my password to my friends or family so the only way you are getting my Facebook password is by taking it up with the law.

Would you be willing to give out your password to an employer? 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Old versus New Technology

I saw this video about YouTube about sending out informational DVD’s. This was considered a SNS April fools day prank. I thought this was such a funny parody that mocks former, inferior technology that we used to rely on for information gathering and learning.  I think this video really puts into perspective the change of how people get information due to the creation of the Internet.

Hot New SNS sites

I think it is interesting that according to the mashable website article, there are 9 hot SNS sites are all in line with geo-social networking. It is all about connecting people with the spaces around us.

             These up and coming GSNS are all about connecting friends within certain places in real time. It is an interesting concept because it is allowing friendships to become closer and getting in touch with people is becoming that much easier. Of course, there are the concerns once you get passed the fact that people know where you are at all times. I think illustrates the new and direction that SNS sites are tapping into. This article highlights a user interest to connect the physical space with the digital world.
            This push towards location-based services is also reinforced in deal where Facebook purchases the Gowalla a location-based service that happened in December 2011.

Pinterest as a selling tool

I think this is an interesting article about Pinterest. This social networking site is very cool in the sense that it is image based. People can collectively gather and display their likes and interests on pin boards. I like it because it is like a digital dream board.
            Up until this point I never fully thought, how this SNS is a contributor to product sales. Pinterest is a great product-marketing tool. I think this article sheds light on the situation because it really captures how marketers, businesses and governments (i.e. Obama’s pinterest boards) are using images to drive sales.

It is interesting how many stores are utilizing this SNS by bringing the image and product to the consumer, such as Kate Spade. By people re-pinning the image gets around and people share clothes ideas and thus help facilitate a new desire for purchase of products. Plus it gives awareness for new products, designers. This shows a change in how people are consuming. It demonstrates that people are purchasing based on recommendations via guidance from another person in that social circle. Hence, peopl  are consuming via other people comments and suggestions.

YouTube a Pioneer of vlogging

In years blogs have become highly popular amongst people. People get a lot of their information via recommendations of bloggers.

I think YouTube is a pioneer for target marketing because it is capitalizing on the utilization of vlogging (video-blogging.). The use of vlogging teaches users about different subjects, products through how-to videos. In essence, these companies are putting content on YouTube and are spending money for subscribers.

            This sponsorship for channels reinforces the capital that companies and governments are willing to pay in order to tap into target demographics. Hence, target marketing is being enhanced because companies are going directly to the source of consumption. Providing content on channels that viewers can subscribe to are creating niche markets that filter product information that will be consumed.  

            I think it is interesting to see that people are being socially directed to a product based on recommendations via these videos. It is through these mediums that there is a level of direct communication between company, product and consumer.  Thus, one can see the alteration of the relationship because YouTube is a medium making closer connections between product and consumer.

Importance of Blogs

As I am studying, I am constantly taking little breaks. This ‘little’ breaks turn out to be longer than expected. This is always due to me getting distracted and reading blogs. I read blogs about different topics but I find them so fascinating that I cannot seem to pull away from them.

            I thought this was an interesting notion; why are these blogs so important?  The role of these blogs is not just to inform but it is to provide specialized entertainment based on the content of the blog. Its not that these blogs are overly informative but they provide me some relief and endearment. I think this notion captures the essence of what we do on the Internet. We are to be entertained.

The Question of Mass Amateurization

I am Instagram user and I like Instagram for the fact that I can take a quick picture, select a filter and apply it quickly to a photo I just took. This action in itself does not make me a photographer. This application puts into question the idea of mass amateurization. This concept to means that many people are being exposed and partaking in ‘specialized’ jobs.

Recently, there has been a discussion of how instagram is replacing photography. This is not the case. Just because there is an application that can perform a function, does not mean one is an expert in the field nor can it replace an expert in the field. There is the idea of mass amatuerization, this allows people to partake in the artistic creation of art or in writing about journalistic issues but it does not make them an artist nor does it make one a journalist. It doesn’t mean that people cannot participate in an app or write about things, it just means they are not specialized in that field of study.

The Digital World in the Age of Activism

            This is such an interesting article because it is describing Nicolas Kristof  (a highly recognized journalist from the New York Times) and his use of SNS and the role SNS has in journalism. 

            He claims that social media is a positive contributor for journalism in the sense that it gives “ideas about questions to ask.” I agree with this view in the sense that social media facilitates information, which cannot always be trusted but it does give information to think about what is actually happening. I think this article highlights the limit that social media plays in journalism.

            SNS are good in giving information quickly, but it is not going to help change and spur people’s actions. I do not believe that peace journalism will stop world issues. It can give awareness to them but it will not stop them. This can be seen in the example of KONY 2012. People’s reaction to it was like a bandwagon. People who did not know the full story acted like experts in that field. The only people that I saw question the video campaign were people who knew about the issue. I think this bandwagon idea illustrates that people are willing to list an issue but not give background information to support their ideas.

            I think that SNS is good but it just like anything; you cannot use only one source for evidentiary support. SNS is the first step of awareness of world issues, these sites are a medium for awareness but it is not an end medium to yield current problems.

SNS Lingo

I was having a recent conversation the other day and my friend stated that she was just ‘R-Bombed.’ For any Blackberry Messenger (BBM) users, the ‘D’ means delivered and the ‘R’ means read. Yet people are changing the connotation of the letter ‘R’ changing it from received to reject. R bombed means that someone has read your message and did not respond to it. Essentially the ‘R’ has become a noted symbol for rejected, for blackberry users. 

            This example makes me think of the common lingo and SNS language that people are using today. People are ‘tweeting’, ‘posting’, and ‘liking.’ This demonstrates an enhanced online semantic language and communication.   

In today’s youth generation, this jargon is common to them. I think that is interesting how it illustrates a generational gap between youth users and adult users. I think it is important for older generations to understand and learn this language in order because it important to become media literate and it is important to know what children are talking about.

My Blog Cluster

Blogging is an activity that is facilitated through social networking sites. Where you write your thoughts and views about anything and everything. For a shy person like me this is a very scary process. Maybe this is a common fear, but I am terrified in making sure what I say and how I say it is ‘good’ enough. This is the reason why I didn’t post my blogs until now.

In coming to terms with blogging, social networking sites has altered the way in which people express themselves. What people post, share and say is indicative of who they are or at least what they are thinking.  So instead of doing conventional blogging I am going to cluster my blogs and post them now. This fear has fenced me in but it has also made me realize that I need to confront my fears of voicing my opinions and just to go ahead and write.
In retrospect, this process made me think about the idea from class about an online reputation and how to represent myself. Blogging puts into reality, me to feeling vulnerable, and open for judgment on my thoughts and views since people can comment on what I am saying. I hope one reads my posts one doesn’t judge harshly. I hope you like what I have to say about SNS.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Draw Something

Everyone is talking about their new addiction to the app "Draw Something".  I thought I would give it a try and download it but unlucky for me for some reason it was not working.  However, I'm starting to believe this was lucky because all my friends are spending tons of time on it.  With exams coming up I do not need the extra distraction, I already spend too many hours on social media sites.

I still wanted to look into what all the hype was about.  "Draw Something" is new app from the online multi-player site OMGPOP. It is basically an online Pictionary and you can either invite friends to play or play with strangers.  You choose between 3 words or phrases to draw that range in difficulty.  Once your done you send it to your friends for them to try and interpret.  Winning depends on if you can figure out your opponents drawing and unscramble the words at the bottom. Since it began there have been over 100 million drawings created.

Games like these I think are so clever because they are a quick and easy way to connect with friends and their popularity can explode so quickly.  It is amazing what word of mouth can do.

Have you tested your drawing skills at the hottest game right now?

For more info click here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facebook Then and Now

 It seems as though everyone is always talking about how the Facebook layout is changing. Whether it be the more extreme change to Timeline or a different way to view pictures.  The layout is always a topic of discussion.  So I thought it would be interesting to look back at where it all began.

Here is the first Facebook login page when it was only accessible to Harvard University:

I think we should all note the "thefacebook".

Here is an older Facebook layout :

and a newer one:

Finally the Timeline we love to hate:

With every change to Facebook there is always some backlash but I feel that with the Timeline there has been the most negative response.  I wonder how long it will take for everyone to finally adapt and like it.

Most Social Media Buzz in Television History

It seems that Pretty Little Liars' season 2 finale this past Monday has made history!   The final episode received the most social media buzz of any regularly scheduled season in television history. 
With numbers reaching : 

-645,000 tweets during the first showing alone
-reaching the mark of 32 000 tweets per minute 
-1.6 million tweets sent by 667,000 users in the marathon during the day
-50 topics trending 
-5 of the 50 topics reaching worldwide trends

 I feel like this was one of the most anticipated finales of television because the writers have been dragging out the revealing of the character 'A'.  It is interesting to think about how much of this social media was positive and how much was negative.  Just like any finale or big reveal in television shows, there normally is some disappointment.  So this raises the question of how much of this social media was buzz was positive for the show?

Read more here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facebook and Twitter

Following with my last two posts and others previously, once again I'm going to be talking about, wait for it... TWITTER! Wow shocker right! But this time with Facebook as well.  I was thinking about the different aspects of each site and thought of how Twitter might benefit from an aspect of Facebook. Also, I thought of what Twitter has that gives it an advantage over the Facebook in my opinion.

 All this talk of Facebook's timeline lately for some reason has me thinking about how I wish Twitter had something similar, in the sense of going back to different days, months or years.  It would act like a diary.  It would be fun to look back at what I tweeted previously in order to remember what was going on in my life at the time.  As well, I'd probably enjoy this more than Facebook's timeline. Then while writing this I found a website that does something along these lines, check it out here.  

Now let's talk about the hashtag.  Although it might seem meaningless and some users create hashtags no one else would ever use, it does serve an important purpose. Hashtags as well as just words that are recognized in tweets are combined into groups and the most popular are put into the 'Trending Topics'.  These trending topics can display ones relevant to; cities, countries or even worldwide. They are a quick and easy way to become informed of events or popular topics in the area you wish to learn about.  In my opinion, this is where Twitter has one up on Facebook.  On Facebook you can only view the profiles of people you are friends with, pages you like, events you are attending or profiles you have access to. There is a clear division.  Although Twitter as well has privacy settings, the 'Trending Topics' are a bridge between the public and private spheres.  News can spread far more quickly on Twitter in my opinion.  

I am aware that Facebook and Twitter are two different social networking sites each with a different goal in mind however, I can't help but think certain qualities of each would benefit in the other.       



My mom's work has recently just given her a new phone with access to all the main social networking sites, in order to take advantage of them for her work.  We've been having multiple discussions about them lately.  One of them being etiquette.  This came about when I received a text from my mom which I misinterpreted.  Are there specific rules that need to be followed when dealing with social networking sites?  I started researching this and there are tons of rules and they change per site as well as your reason for it; personal, business, student, etc.  Different sites list different rules but I thought I would come up with 5 of my own with regards to Twitter:

1. Do NOT go on a rant
 - You only have 140 characters to work with. Keep it short and simple and don't  have tons of joined tweets. It is hard to read and if you have that much to say make a blog.

2. Don't have long conversations
-A few tweets back and forth with a friend is fine but if it is simple one word answers or over 5 tweets.  It's time to take your phone out. Call, text, whatever, just take it somewhere else.

3. Don't Tweet your every action/ thought
-Yes your followers probably want to know about your life but not every single detail. There is such thing as too much information. 

4. Don't go hashtag crazy
-I myself love a good hashtag.  Use them often but use them wisely. However, try to make them short.  It becomes very difficult to read a sentence long hashtag. 

5. Don't over tweet or over retweet
- No one wants their home page overwhelmed by one person.

Of course rules need to be broken from time to time. Just don't make a habit of it!
 #etiquette #ilovehashtags

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cyberbulling and Celebrities

This week on the course Facebook group someone posted this story about Rihanna calling out someone who cyberbullied her on Facebook and then returned the favour along with quite a few of her fans.
It made me think of how a few days earlier I had seen something similar with Miley Cyrus.  Miley had received a death threat on Twitter and then took to her own Twitter saying she would not tolerate this. Miley went on to say that Twitter should take responsibility for this and aim to make Twitter a safe environment.

This led me to wonder to what degree do Social Networking Sites have to take responsibility for what is said or done on the sites?  Here you can view what Twitter has to say on 'Safety: Abusive Users'. When should sites get involved? Should sites change their security policies in order to protect their users from harassment?  

Below is Miley's tweet on the issue:

Here is something I posted to the Facebook group previously.  I think it is pretty relevant to the topic of this post: 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Delete Search History NOW

If you haven't been paying attention and keep clicking ignore on Google's New Privacy Policy, now is the time to start listening! It is your last chance to delete your Google account's search history before Google collects them to use in one online identity.
All the policies merge into one TOMORROW, March 1st, 2012

This online identity will be used to help with each individual's search results and targeted ads.  Now if you find this a bit creepy or just another part of your life that you want to keep private ( your definition of private, not Googles') than go to this link , scroll down and follow the steps. Or take your chances.  Right now, that's all the history will be used for but down the line, who knows. 

Now you only have until midnight tonight! So what are you still doing here. Get going!   


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beware of the Fail Whale

Just posted this video on the Facebook Group, decided to post it here too! It is a video made by Oregon State on Social Media, titled, ' Social Life's A Beach'.  Presents different social networking sites on a beach and has them say something that has to deal with their particular site.  Quite clever! And very fitting for us all right now as we finish our final vacation days of Reading Week.



Heard of Webkinz? They are the new and approved stuff animal for the younger generation.  Each comes with a unique code that allows you to gain access to an online world where you make an account and can take care of your pet and talk to others.  However the chat options are limited because you can only select a response from a list provided.  I think this is quite clever because since this is a primarily younger audience it is good to have safety and privacy precautions.  This is just another case of how the world is becoming digital. Today the child's favourite toy is a Webkinz, tomorrow a cellphone.  All technology based and connecting people together.

'The Larmy' Twitter Account

This post has a similar topic to a post I wrote earlier on in the month which you can find here.  It deals with television shows using social media sites to their advantage.  In my previous post I talked about how talk shows use sites, for example Twitter and YouTube, to connect to their audiences and get their viewers involved.  Another television show which uses Twitter to their advantage is Cougar Town.  If any of you have heard of the show you know they have been battling low ratings since their first season which most believe has to do with the shows name.  Last year after their second season they created a Twitter account in the name of one of their characters, Laurie Keller, who is known for saying funny things.  The account is basically this character posting to 'The Larmy' which is her characters following.  She posts funny phrases that her character would say and responds to her followers.  This is a very clever use of Twitter I believe because it gives publicity to their show.  It keeps the audience they already have entertained in the shows off season, while promoting their show by only having to be funny in 140 characters.  That's way easier than a half hour program!  Lately, the account has been advertising because the show's new season just started but if you want to check out some of the earlier tweets they can be found here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knife Party has some Internet Friends

I'm an electronic dance music fanatic, I literally live for it, and the other day while listening to my iPod on shuffle, this song came on that I had forgotten about. Its called "Internet Friends" but the lyrics are sung by a creepy sounding computer lady who sounds more like an obsessive/stalker girlfriend than a "friend." Its includes iPhone beeps and rings (even made me grab and check my phone) and the lyrics, "you blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die." I first heard this song at a club, and I remember hearing 'Facebook' and kind of doing a "whaaa? Facebook in a song?!" Just goes to show how social media is really all around us. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Its Arrived!

Social Media Week has arrived in Toronto. Social Media week is a global event which demonstrates the impact of social media and its 'role in driving cultural, economic, political and social change in developed and emerging markets'.  Throughout the week there are activities and conversations around the world.  Social Media Week takes place in 21 cities, including our very own Toronto!  Thousands attend the organized events while half a million connect online.  It goes from February 13th -17th.  

Today's theme is 'A Social Society'.  Get involved and participate in events today such as: #TweetgasmTO: Lovefools EditionSocially Green and Your Digital Footprint and Society's Shift Online. Check out the full schedule for today and for the rest of the week here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Careful What You Post!

 “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury, Sprouter community manager 

Have truer words ever been spoken?
This is something that has always worried me about social networking sites.  Not only that posting something on the internet  allows basically everyone to view it, but how much am I posting, even if only to my private friends, could possibly become public knowledge.  I mean does anyone actually read every word in the privacy policies when they join a new site? I know I don't but we all probably should.  How much of our information are the websites allowed to use.  Can they give out our information to companies or future employers?  I always remember everyone saying that Facebook has all our pictures on file even if we take them down in the future.  Not sure if this was true, but think of how scary that is.  Even if someone was just holding a beer in a picture will a possible future boss see that and not hire you? Then there is the matter of twitter. Most people these days will only tweet something they think will get a laugh or response out of people.  What's funny to one person might be offensive to the next and it might come back to haunt you.  Privacy is such a big issue when it comes to these sites.  So be careful what you post or be ready for consequences, whatever they might be.    

Television Takes Advantage of SNS

I keep seeing more and more television talk shows using social media sites to connect to their viewers while involving them in the show at the same time.  Jimmy Kimmel tells his viewer to participate in certain challenges such as "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" and to post the videos on Youtube.  While shows such a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and local shows such as MTV Live allow their viewers to ask questions, tell stories and more over Twitter.   I think this is extremely clever because it allows the viewers to participate in the show while at the same time expands the show's audience by others being able to participate in the twitter topics or being able to access the videos on Youtube. It connects the fans to the show while also connecting them to others who might not have been fans.  Below is a link to Jimmy Kimmel's video for "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" which went viral.  I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel but I saw this video everywhere so I watched it and loved it then showed my family and friends and became a part of the growing web of people who are connected.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How To Recover From Your Social Media Addiction

Haha just found this... here's a short video giving some tips on how to get over your social media addiction!

Social Media Addiction -- A real thing!

I recently read this article on Digital Journal that explores the findings of a study that showed that Facebook and other social media outlets may be more addicting than smoking and drinking. Researchers found that individuals were more compulsive when it came to checking their Facebook or Twitter. They said that this may be a result of social media being so easy to access. Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive, checking your Facebook page all the time is free.

But while its free... its not totally harmless. We're all victims of turning our "15 minute Facebook break" into an hour. They're HUGE time wasters and for students, it becomes a big problem when trying to get through your 21178232 pages of reading. So while alcohol and cigarettes take up our money, social media takes up our time. Extra sucky for the smoker/drinker/social media addicts out there.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Relationship Status: Dating Siri

This takes 'married to your phone' to a whole new level.  Here is a video with clips from an episode of The Big Bang Theory where one of the characters, Raj, has a new Iphone 4 Siri.  The clips show how he is basically in a relationship with his phone.  It also demonstrates how heavily people in this day and age rely on their phones and technology in general. The new Iphone 4 Siri connects us even quicker to the world around us.  Technology is developing so quickly.  Next thing you know, we will have robots as butlers and then them overpowering us. Picture any futuristic sci-fi movie, I Robot anyone? Not actually, but you get the idea.  Although I have to say this new Iphone 4 Siri would make life a lot easier.



Viral Video

Yesterday a video went viral about sloths... well also about Kristen Bell.  A clip from Kristen on the Ellen Show was aired all over the web.  The clip showed Kristen reacting to a birthday present that not everyone would appreciate but she sure did. A sloth.  Kristen is shown hysterically crying on her bed but no less happy crying.  This made some good television and thank god for youtube because we can relive the moment over and over again. Rewind, play, rewind, play.  This is what myself and 3,398,036 other people around the world were doing yesterday.  The video showed up on my Twitter feed, my Facebook new feed, Youtube, on blogs I follow and more. In less than an hour it was all over most social networks accessible to anyone and everyone. The internet connected all these people through multiple social network sites in such a short period of time.  Proving that once again, the internet is a very powerful tool and useful to bring everyone together. Even if just providing a mere 3 minutes and 43 seconds of entertainment.  Now join the party and check out the video below.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Closer to Celebs

Dear Brad Pitt,

First I'd like to thank Perez Hilton for bringing this to my attention. And second, thank you for joining us. In all honesty, I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle this. By becoming part of the internet world there is this newfound "normal-ness" in you that may take a while to settle in. When will you find time to go on the computer? Don't you have movies to film? Weights to lift? Diapers to change? Oscars to receive? Angelina to stare at? I'm glad you started with Google+ because I don't really know how to work it so won't be able to see your updates all the time life if you were on Twitter. I think I would have a heart attack every time you tweeted so this is definitely safer for my health. It's going to take me a while to get used to the fact that you're sort of a normal person now. We all feel this way, right?

BUUUUT in all seriousness, what do you guys think about celebrities and the use of social networking sites? Twitter has brought fans closer to their favourite stars than ever before. There are thousands of retweets, replies, that take only seconds for the celeb to do but make the day (or life) of the fan. But it works both ways! Celebs can gain a much bigger fan base by being active on their social media profile. It gives people a glimpse into their personality which - hopefully - makes them more likable! I follow over 600 people on Twitter, alot of them being celebrities and my favourite actors and actresses. Their Twitter profile gives me live updates of their day to day tasks, thoughts, promos for new work, allows me to see relationships with them and other celebs -- and for some reason, I'm realllllly into it all! I definitely think social networking sites is good for the entertainment industry, and it's influences can really affect the success/demise of a celeb.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Google Privacy Policy Update

Here is a brief overview of Google's Privacy Policy Update.  The women's voice in this video actually makes this new policy sound as if it could be something good and maybe it will be.  However, it does have me concerned and question how much information they are going to be keeping and storing from people.  Even though they say the information will just be used for the individual's own benefit, I wonder if there might be any other reasons.  Time can only tell as more information comes out about this, as more and more people question it.  


Here are two cartoons I posted on to the Facebook group. That I decided to post here too. The first one is dealing with twitter and the second with Facebook.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So... what's that about exclusivity?

I remember a scene from David Fincher's 2011's film, "The Social Network," where the Winklevoss twins and their business partner, Divya Narendra, are talking about creating a social networking site that requires all members to be fellow Harvard students. But why Harvard students? Is it because having the '' email address is one of the most prestigious email addresses in the world? Does it demonstrate that you are apart of a higher class Ivy League education? That you have money and can afford to be paying the $60,000 a year tuition? Yes, well, that's exactly what they want it to mean. Here's how it went down in the film:

Cameron Winklevoss: Well, we have something that we've been working on for a while and we think it's great. It's called the HarvardConnection. You create your own page, interests bios, and friends. 
Tyler Winklevoss: And then people can go online see you bio request to be...
Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, how is that different from my MySpace or Friendster?
Tyler Winklevoss: Harvard-dot-E-D-U. 
Cameron Winklevoss: is the most prestigious e-mail address in the country.
Tyler Winklevoss: And the whole site kinds based on the idea that girls uh...
Cameron Winklevoss: Not to put anything indelicately...
Divya Narendra: Girls wanna go with guys who go to Harvard.

So what does all of this mean? That the internet is a place where you can be judged based on social class? In the film, Mark Zuckerberg catches on to the Winklevoss' intentions:
Tyler Winklevoss: The main difference between what we're talking about and MySpace or Friendster or any of those other social networking sites...
Mark Zuckerberg: exclusivity. Right?
Divya Narendra: Right.

So just as Facebook started off as exclusive (at first, only Harvard students were allowed to join, now its expanded to anyone... yup, that's why we have annoying 13 year old cousins adding us, or worse, your parents) a new site has been proposed offering another social networking site for the elite, the rich, "one percent." This week, a website called Toplink will be launched as an invite-only social network to the richest and most powerful people in the world. This article explains it all:

What do you guys think? Do you think exclusivity of a social network reflects our real-life society? Do you think it would make a website more or less successful? Do you think they all face the fate of Facebook, and will eventually become open to the public?

(Movie quotes from here

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Social Media Revolution

     This video discusses the social media revolution through the use of platforms such as Facebook and Google layouts.
Many interesting statistics!


Friday, January 20, 2012


Addicted to Social Networking? 

Join the club!

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